Over many years the Hall has been an integral part of the lively Bellingen culture, from the balls of old and the rock concerts of the seventies, to the Bellingen Jazz Festival origins in the nineties and the Bellingen Art Prize in the two thousands. The Hall is used for everything from public meetings and weekly classes to plays, gigs, movies, auctions, school events and more. A wonderful array of touring acts has passed through the Hall and this, coupled with local festivals has given Bellingen a nationally recognised reputation as a cultural hub, despite it being a small country town. First established in est. 1929, the Hall features classic ‘20s architecture. The main hall room is licensed for a maximum of 600 people and caters to various scales of events by use of a flexible system of dividing the room for more intimate events.

The Hall is a Bellingen Shire Council building run by a volunteer Management Committee. The Committee oversees the hire of the facility, maintenance issues, production hire, cleaning and upgrading.
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